Each of our customers is unique, operating in their specific sector with specific needs. However, there are some important overall principles that Equinox Global follows:

Certainty of cover

Your credit insurance policy should respect the long term nature of customer and supplier relationships. After all, businesses cannot change direction instantly. So Equinox Global believes it should underwrite trade credit insurance based on the same approach.

This means our credit limits are non cancellable, to reflect the reality of underlying business norms and planning needs. Equinox Global constructs non cancellable cover, depending on the individual circumstances of the policyholder.

Maximum extent of cover possible

There need be no shortfalls between the amount of cover you need and the amount you receive. If Equinox is unable to meet all your cover needs on its own, it is willing to cooperate with other insurers to deliver the right limits. The decision about what that right limit is, should be yours alone to make, and while Equinox will help you make that decision by discussing the risks with you - ultimately the amount you set is yours to decide.

Personalised service

At Equinox Global we empower our underwriters to make decisions about risk taking and to make those decisions located close to the insured and based on a close working relationship between us.

Pricing transparency

The premium rate you negotiate with us up front should cover everything. We will write the maximum credit limits that we possibly can for the pre agreed price. We never refuse a credit limit increase, only to offer the additional cover you need for an extra charge.

Product Options

We tailor make each policy to fit the needs of our client, but below are some of our common policy types:

  • Whole turnover credit insurance
  • Key account policies (e.g. all buyers above an agreed credit limit amount)
  • Trigger Policy (where we provide a credit limit monitoring service)
  • Syndicated policies
  • Top up policies
  • Supply chain finance policies
  • Bank policies
  • Captive insurance policies
  • Policies including pre shipment risk
  • Excess of loss policies

We have in house legal expertise so that we can draft specific clauses to tailor make our policies to fit your specific requirements.