Claims service

An insurance policy really comes into its own when loss threatens.  While it can be a stressful time  Equinox’s claims service can make a big difference to the experience.

Our senior team  is battle hardened by many years’ experience of dealing with catastrophic losses.  Perhaps for you personally it may be the first time that you have suffered such an event, but we have been through it all before, and are here to support you.    

Dealing with short term trade credit losses requires highly specialised expertise and knowledge.  There will be many decisions to be made very promptly – should I continue shipping? Is a repayment plan viable? How and when do I exercise security? Will other creditors out rank me?  Our experienced team will guide you through the process, taking the lead where appropriate always acting in partnership with you.

Our expertise and international network of legal specialists will often enable you to avoid loss completely.  There will be other cases, however, where  even our joint efforts to mitigate loss may still lead to a long time period before they are resolved. That is where, claims payment from Equinox gives the comfort of knowing that your balance sheet is protected while the recovery work continues.

We pride ourselves in the prompt and efficient manner that claims are processed.  We understand that in the event of a loss clients face simultaneous problems on many fronts, from loss of sales revenue to contagion effects hitting other buyers and even a possible impact on banking facilities.  In this scenario unnecessary delays in the claims process can be fatal to some businesses.

It may be easy to write about our willingness to pay claims promptly  but we back up our words with action - in recent large industry wide events, Equinox has proved to be amongst the very first credit insurers to get claims paid.



We found the claims process with Equinox to be extremely professional and smooth.  This was a sizeable claim, but in difficult circumstances for all parties concerned the Equinox team worked closely with us and our broker to ensure we received swift approval of the claim and most importantly the payment, within the timescales we agreed at the start of the process.  I cannot recommend Equinox highly enough and when we needed them most, they were there for us and acted with the utmost integrity throughout.

Neil Hargreaves, Knauf Insulation

The OW Bunker fraud case in November 2014 was undoubtedly one of the biggest losses the shipping industry has seen for many years. Equinox’s positive approach to dealing with our claim meant we were able to deal swiftly with a difficult situation.

Our industry is still feeling the aftershocks of this event, and we are really pleased that in Equinox we were able to partner with an insurer who quickly understood the situation and who proactively worked with us to mitigate the damage.

Jaco Bakker, Group Treasurer, Argos Group B.V., Rotterdam